Help deleting campout from IA?

Hello, I need help deleting a campout from my daughter’s activity log. A campout was inadvertently entered into IA twice. My daughter is the only scout in one of the duplicate entries. Is there anybody on the SUAC that would have the ability to delete the duplicate campout? her BSA ID is 135565230. The duplicate campouts are titled “Fort Leavenworth”. The one that needs to be deleted is entered with 0 days and 0 nights. The only scout in that event is Sarah Heflin. This is the specific event that needs deletion. Thank you in advance.

Who entered it? if it it 0,0 no data other than name would ever be on a report

Donovan, I am embarrassed to admit that I am the person who entered it. You are certainly correct that because it was zeroed out, it doesn’t tabulate towards her number of nights camped, which is a good thing. But is there any way to simply delete it? It would be nice if it didn’t show up on her activity log twice. The leaders in the unit have done their best to try and delete it, and they can’t. We are no longer in that unit. Thank you, Brian

Go to Logs and Event > Click the 3 stacked Dots to the right

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 10.11.30 AM

Click Delete that looks like you cannot click it

If it is already approved it falls on the unit to remove the scout from the event

Thank you for this information. Sadly, it has already been approved, and the unit is unable to remove the scout from the event. This seems like a bug to me. Once an event has been approved, it seems the unit should be able to remove a scout (even all scouts) from the event, but they state that they cannot. I am no longer in that unit, so there is no way I can verify their attempts to delete her, but they claim they tried and were unable.

yeah the last scout is an issue being worked on

Thank you Donovan. I watch (and admire) you guys fix so many things for people… duplicate profiles, ect. I was really really hoping this was something you guys could just go in and delete. But sadly, it kinda feels like my wish isn’t going to come true.

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This might be the reason why they can’t delete it.

Jennifer, they tried to delete it while we were still in the unit. Their best solution was zeroing the days/nights. All this occurred while we were still members. I am reaching out to SUAC now that we have switched.

@JenniferOlinger that is one thing I was thinking through also

Donovan, please see my reply to Jennifer. The unit attempted to delete the event, and they tried to remove my daughter, all before we changed our membership.

Can SUAC confirm this issue will be considered a bug? Prior to changing units, the previous unit tried everything to remove the scout from the approved event. No luck. The best they could do was zero out the days and nights. That seems a poor workaround, as the event remains in the scout’s log, as well as in the unit’s list of events. Please confirm this will be tracked as a bug, regardless of whether or not this gets fixed in my own daughter’s records. Thank you SUAC.

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