Need event deleted from IA2

I already created one helpdesk request for this but it was closed as resolved by the UNhelpful technician sending me a link on how to update an exiting activity in IA. (I specifically requested assistance DELETING). Acknowledging the change in role and scope of BSA Support as of 8/26, however I actually created the helpdesk request on 8/19 …

Event is called “Error delete”

How can I get this activity deleted?

Here is additional detail that I provided in the helpdesk request:
I as Scoutmaster tried to delete an activity log item (campout) that a member of my troop entered through the My Scouting app. They had entered it as an almost 2-year long event, but had marked the title “Error delete.” I was greeted with an ugly error about why I could not delete the item.I tried editing the event to be one night, but since then the previously unapproved event has been approved but only by my editing. (I never clicked Approve) There is no longer any Delete option.Also, it appears that there are multiple things wrong here: this event is adding one night to his camping log, even after I edit the event to make it less than 1 day, or assign this scout to 0 nights of camping under Advanced area at the bottom.Also, should it be approved if I never clicked Approve for this event?

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As far as I am aware, there is no process to delete events that were entered, whether in error or not. The best advice I’ve seen is to repurpose the event as something scheduled in the future, and remove all attendees.

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Thanks @CharleyHamilton

Before I click APPROVE on events submitted through the Scoutbook (My Scouting) app, I have a DELETE button in my interface. However, because my attempts to edit this event continue to be unsuccessful, I believe that back end intervention is required. As noted, it is adding a night to the camping total, even thought I never clicked APPROVE.

I am not sure of everything going on here, but as a Scoutbook (My Scouting) app event, I may not have the ability to add and remove participants on this activity. As noted, there was an error that prevented me from using the DELETE button while I had it.

You’re saying “Scoutbook app”. Are you referring to Scoutbook (scoutbook,com), IA2 (, or the mobile “Scouting” app? The interfaces are pretty different.

I’ve never seen a “Delete” option anywhere, and I’m unable to bring it up in IA2 with existing individual events that were created by someone in the Scouting app. When exactly (what interface and which screen) are you seeing the “Delete” option appear? Is it possible to capture a screenshot of what you’re seeing when the Delete option appears?

ETA: Ah, ok. So it looks like there is now a delete option for individual activities entered using the app, at least before they’re approved. It is reached from the link noted in the post above. I was able to navigate there by: → Roster → Scout’s Name → Activity Logs (for the pending activity) → vertical dots → Delete

Can you post the SSD ticket number from your report, so that SUAC can chase it with support? Since there’s no longer direct support for us unit-level volunteers, we have to route things through council if it’s not something SUAC can escalate.

HD-343787 - link is in my initial post.

As noted in the initial post, the activity log items were created in the My Scouting app by a Scout or his parent, and they showed up for me in IA2( They show up as pending items, requiring my approval as Scoutmaster. Prior to approving an item, there is a Delete option if I click in the right spot on an activity (three dots).

Here is an image

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@MarkHenrichsen Try editing and approving the activity. Then, remove any people attached to the activity. After the people are un-attached to the event, you should be able to delete it.

Thanks, @MarkHenrichsen. The link just delivers to a “you don’t have access” page for me. I suspect you have to be associated with the ticket to reach the ticket itself.

I eventually tracked this down and updated my prior post. Thanks for the breadcrumbs, though. It makes life a lot easier trying to help diagnose the issues.

The edits I try do not work (specifically I am trying to make it a 0 night campout, and it doesn’t matter whether I change the Basic or Advanced, no changes are made).

I have no ability to edit the participants, I believe because this was submitted by the youth/family through the My Scouting app.

As it stands I have edited the activity to be a 1 minute event on a single day, yet it still shows up as 1 day and 1 night camped. There is no option to approve, as a prior edit apparently committed my approval to the system.

I believe that I need back end intervention, which is why I submitted a helpdesk ticket (BEFORE the announcement was made on changes)

I do wonder: If the paid IT staff now only helps the paid National and Council staff, where does that leave the volunteers and members of the program … who are in fact the actual paying customers?

@MarkHenrichsen What was your SSD ticket?

He submitted through Jira:

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Sorry, I missed that.

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