Activity Logs: Can't zero a night of camping

I believe there is a bug in the IA Activity Logs. I am the Advancement Chair for my troop, and I am a Troop Admin. I am the person who builds activities in IA. This morning, I inadvertently gave the girls a night of camping, even though they slept indoors on the activity. When I realized my mistake, and went back to zero out the nights of camping, the system would not let me do it. The only way I could fix it was to entirely delete the event. If this isn’t a bug, I don’t know what is. It most certainly isn’t user friendly. Somebody needs to take a hard look at the useability of the activity logs in IA.

@BrianHeflin what browser where you using

Microsoft Edge, sir.

It is an interesting question - the sole purpose of the logs is to record the number of events, if an events number is NULL I am not sure it would ever show on reports, might just show on the calendar. ???

I think that is a good question. I am for logging it in IA, because although the event won’t count for a campOUT, it would count for participating in a Troop activity (2nd Class/1st Class reqm’t). I see utility in logging it in this IA location, and I am sure I’m not alone. It seems this bug is worth fixing. Here’s another reason to fix it. Girls goes on campout. Spends the day, gets sick and goes home; doesn’t spend night. People forget about that when initially logging. Campout gets approved in IA. Now she gets an extra night of camping that permanently can not be removed from the log.

The IA activity logs are way too finicky. They just are.

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Could see scout coming for the day and leaving for the night due to other activities. I am talking to developer on it.

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Thank you Donovan. I appreciate all that you do. I also realize this isn’t really a SB issue. I hope you are able to convince the developer to take a hard look at the usability of the activity logs. Removing a scout from an “approved event” should be relatively easy. I don’t think it can be done, as it stands now. Zeroing out a night of camping, for an individual scout, from an approved event should be possible (and easy). Again, it’s not.

@BrianHeflin removing a person from any event is simple - just select name so it is unchecked

Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 7.24.19 AM

There is a bug with that too. If you remove them, and you realize you were wrong in doing so, you can’t add them back to the event! The program functions kind of like this… any keystroke you take, is pretty much permanent, UNLESS you delete the entire event and rebuild it from scratch, BEFORE somebody who has more permissions than you approves the event. Once it is approved, it becomes even more of a bear to deal with.

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Let me specify that I am talking about changes that are made after the event has been SAVED. Your reference was to a deletion prior to saving.

All of the problems that I am referring to occur after SAVING the event. They become even more gnarly if the event has been APPROVED.

The program is very user friendly, up until the moment you click “SAVE”.

I can add and delete users at any time very simple - and add them back no issue.

would need to see a screenshare to understand your hurdles I think

I think you have more permissions than me. I just built an activity. I added two girls. I gave them each a night of camping. I saved. Then I reopened, and attempted to zero their nights. NO go. Won’t do it.

yeah 0 will not work. But removing a scout > Save > add same scout back is no issue

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I agree with you. I feel pretty foolish on that. I just deleted a girl, and then went to add her back, and this time her name was there to be re-added. When I tried it earlier this AM, I couldn’t find the girl I wanted to add back. Maybe my eyes weren’t warmed up enough yet. I don’t know. If it happens again, I will report it. I’m gonna call that one operator error. But I oughta be able to zero a night of camping, and I can’t. Sounds like you can’t either. So at least that issue is validated. Thank you for bearing with me.

I am happy to screen share with you, if you think it would be of use.

I imagine 0 we never tested, and the OG Developer (Knowing him) probably thought if they did not spend a night they did not camp; which has some logic. But I think it can be resolved in time.

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