Honor Guard participation

Where can the national “honor guard” (special participation) be recorded for a Scout?

Honor Guard Reference


Participation and Achievement Insignia

Which ones are currently recorded in the advancement database? If not in advancement database, where are they recorded? That information will allow determination of which tool or app to use to record this information.

  • National Youth Leadership Training
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience
  • Honor Guard
  • Musician (in a drum and bugle corps, drill team, etc,)
  • Recognition medal (Bronze)
  • Recognition medal (Silver)
  • Recognition medal (Gold)
  • Totin’ Chip
  • Firem’n Chit



Recorded in the training record. Can be seen by key 3 in my.scouting. Not sure where else.

Recorded as an award in Scoutbook.

These are generic medals. I assume recorded nowhere.

“ Scout, for participation or achievement in Scouting activity; above left pocket.”

Only on uniform. Not used for advancement.