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My son earned the Honor Medal back in 2012 before it was recorded as part of their scout record. Now this is available in Scoutbook, I’ve had the Council enter the information for the award but it only shows as completed, how do we get it leader approved to show up in his records?
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I do not know how they marked it complete without approved from what I understand of the systems. @GaryFeutz ???

OK, So how do I go about getting his on his scout record?

We are trying to figure out what is up = will just take time

OK @RichardHall here is what I am wondering - the approver might not have right access to right tool to approve this - might have registrar or advancement person take a look

OK, so I spoke with the Council registrar, and here is her reply, “I apologize but it does not seem like I have access to mark the Honor Medal as awarded either. I would try the advancement chair of your son’s Troop. If they are not able to help, we may need to circle back to the national office and hope they have a solution!
Thanks for your patience!”
I have full control of the Troop and there does not appear anyway for us to approve it either in fact that line is greyed out

That might be the key phrase. Are the folks at council trying to mark it as “awarded” or “approved”? I understood that councils have access to mark stuff “approved” but not “awarded”.

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Only Councils have the ability to approve - it is being investigated

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Any update on this plus I don’t want it to auto close.

The best thing you can do is have council put in a National membercare ticket

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@RichardHall this is tracked down and being addressed over the next few weeks

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Outstanding, thanks for the work on this.

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