How can a scribe enter activities for the troop scouts?

Is there a way for a scout who is assigned the role of Scribe in SB to enter activities for other scouts? We would like our youth scribe to enter camping nights, service hours, and hiking miles for the scouts in the troop. When we assigned the role of Scribe to our youth they are still only able to enter activities for themselves but not the other scouts.

@IvanaSheppard - the one role that can be used for the attendance might be calendar editor. As far as the logs and advancement it is still with the individual scout. So if a scout has been invited to log into scoutbook they can enter their own advancement and logs just as they would in the physical handbook.

There is not. The abilities matrix for the activity logs is here:

Calendar Editor role can mark attendance where events are in the Calendar. Only works in Scoutbook, doesn’t translate to IA activity entry.

I do wonder why roles that should have automatic access to those permissions require the separate role flag. Venturing roles of President and VP Program out to be automatic, as perhaps should SPL and Scribe in Scouts BSA.

I suspect a lot of it is down to fundamental architecture decisions made by the original developer prior to BSA’s acquisition of the software. It originated (IIRC) for use by packs, and was expanded to serve troops, again all prior to BSA acquisition. A lot of the architecture looks “adult-centric” from the outside, in the same way that packs are structured with adults “managing things”. In the light, many of Scoutbook’s idiosyncrasies seem easier to understand, if no less frustrating at times.

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