How can you add all Scout birthdays to calendar in IA version (A feature to load all in Scoutbook)

It is a nice feature to add all the birthdays in aunit. Not sure how to add them in one simple manner using IA version. This feature is available on Scoutbook calendar.

It is not in SB calendar - are you running the feature extension? not sure it was even in it

@MarkCorbett - that is for sure not native to scoutbook

Gary says it is part of the Extension that is being retired anyway due to complaints from users - units do not need to make PII like that so readily available in my book


Good point, but the PII would have to include the YEAR of birth to be useful, which is not provided in the calendar update. You may be correct that the Feature Extension prides the functionality.

To be clear, the feature assistant calendar features will not work with the IA calendar because of the way it is built.

to guess YOB in a pack is very easy

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