Switching to IA Calendar

I can’t really find any information on this new calendar change. Will there still be a front end in Scoutbook for Scouts to RSVP and the like or will they need to go into IA now?

@JamesHartz -

New IA Calendar will not allow the entry of “camping nights” accomplished within the event. That seems the primary benefit and goal of this integration. It gives an error note saying that it is not possible if multiple units are included on the same event. Does this mean that this feature is actually in fact intact, but in order to use it each unit will need to create their own separate events??

Where can I find the handy-dandy guide for parents? I just spent the past YEAR trying to get all my families fully functional with Scoutbook, entering their RSVPS and checking it for their scouts’ advancement information and seeing the calendar opportunities. We will be back to square one with this change and its simply not a good look to families, especially new ones, as it makes us look very disorganized. I have a huge unit with approximately 60 boys and 18 girls. I need something geared for families, not power users, that tells them about this change, where to go login for the new site, when and what they are supposed to do with Scoutbook vs. what they do with Internet Advancement, and WHY we feel the need as an organization to present TWO systems for families to navigate (make that THREE if you’re a leader who uses the my.scouting.org site for TRAINING). HELP PLEASE!

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@DeeKivett - I see it here on a test event I made for the 7th. You have to be past the event to enter the log info… as it should be

I will give it another look tomorrow. The event ended this morning.

@DeeKivett - yeah… you have to be past the event last day. That is functionally correct as you would know the exact nights and days for each participant

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We will have to get a parent guide updated. Thanks for the reminder.

When the SB calendar is retired, and links to the calendar within SB will be replaced by links to the new IA calendar. So, it will appear more integrated than it is today.

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@DeeKivett - the ultimate goal is to move scoutbook features and modules from the 10+ year old classic ASP to the new api based advancements.scouting.org. This will make for current programming and flexibility as well as fixes done hot rather than take the entire platform down as it is with ASP. Beyond that the code of scoutbook tends to have hooks that when fixing one thing breaks another.

Does anyone have a lay-user-friendly set of instructions I can give to my families or are all of us scoutbook admins out here left hanging to create our own? Surely they have considered the impact of all the people out here trying to figure it out ourselves now having to train the masses of families who struggled already with the original system.

We use scoutbook exclusively for communications, both for “events” as related to the calendar function but also for simple messages to the group.

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We will be updating the parent guide when the links within Scoutbook change to point to IA. Until then, you’d be wasting your time.


BSA’s technology department at it’s best. When you go to Scoutbook on your phone, there is a banner warning folks about the IA calendar transition. When you go to your computer, there is no such warning banner. Geez.


The banner is dismissible on a per device basis. I see it when I go to SB on my PC in an incognito window but not on my main window because I dismissed it. I suspect you previously dismissed the banner message on your computer.

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