IA - Color differentiation of meetings based on unit in calendar view

The IA calendar is not great for visibly identifying meetings for different units. This is a comparison between IA and Scoutbook:

As you can see Scoutbook is much more user-friendly and identifiable than IA for people in multiple units.


This has been previously reported and is in the backlog to fix.

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@edavignon do we have an idea of what the threshold by SUAC on making a determination of when IA calendar gets rolled out? I don’t want to beat a dead horse because I know there have been a lot of frustrated posts put up on the forums about this announcement but with the lack of parity and the amount of things that are in the backlog, it seems like there needs to be more time for dev complete work. One feature that is absolutely critical is around adding new scouts to existing events. Having to manually add a single scout to every den/pack meeting or troop/patrol meeting after the calendar is created is so mind-numbingly exhausting.

@JoshWells See the latest announcement here: BSA Announcements - Scouting Forums

This is the way it works in SB. Delaying IA isn’t going to fix this. We need IA deployed completely to have a hope of fixing this.

Thanks @WilliamNelson. Yes but there was the Scoutbook extension that allowed you to add new scouts to existing calendar items in a much more simplistic matter. Without the scoutbook extension, we now have to deal with the bad design of scoutbook being replicated into IA that was bridged by the Scoutbook extension.

IA devs should really be looking at what the Scoutbook extensions were doing and ensure those are incorporated into IA. There is a reason that this extension exists.

They are working with the developer of the extension already. Have been for a number of months now.

This is good and helpful. Obviously, I am not super intimate with all of the details of the forum, engage more in a reactive manner than proactive, or what interactions are taking place. Is there a place where we can see what’s in the backlog? What work has been accepted or what has been deferred? Would be super helpful for the community to be able to see this information.

Just to be clear, SUAC is a group of volunteers like the rest of us. Although they have some insight into what’s going on and can provide feedback, they don’t ultimately make the decisions about what or when updates are released.

The BSA (via SUAC) has previously stated that they don’t intend to publish such a list. I’ve agitated for it many times in the past, but the BSA hasn’t moved on it.


The BSA does not make the backlog public.