How do I delete an event!?!

This topic continues to be posted, and not addressed - then archived. Looks like the first of many entries was back in 2019. Is there a definitive answer to this question? The Den Leader interface requires you to “set up your den” - and then it automatically posts meetings every week or 2 weeks on recurring basis, whether you like it or not … you can’t add a calendar event until you’ve done this -then - you’re stuck with a bunch of events that you probably don’t want, and now cannot get rid of. Is there an answer for “how do I delete an event?” (especially one that I didn’t create and don’t want) - this is causing so much confusion for so many people!

Yes. The definitive answer is that it is a known issue and barrier to use of the DLE. The SUAC (Scoutbook User Advisory Council) has filed the bug reports with the developers (I’m just a OCD poster to these forms, not a member of the Advisory Council). It is on the bug / feature request list. No, we don’t get to see the bug / feature request list. It will give fixed when it gets to the top of the priority list (no, we don’t get to see the priority list). The SUAC is awesome, spends countless hours helping people, even more hours putting up with me and others, and has our best interests in mind. They fight the good fight for us, day in and day out. So, I have full faith it has been brought to the right people, given the right push, and they are reminded of it often. But, that is all that can be done with limited resources and money.

For me, I never mention the DLE, I never recommend it, and when Scouting Magazine articles tout it as a great way for new DL’s to plan out the year, I cringe and say “do they know about this darn bug that makes it worthless? How can they in right mind and good conscious recommend this broken system?”


My suggestion? Don’t use the DLE for anything more than having some of the materials, like the Den Leaders Guide, available digitally.

If you use the regular Scoutbook Calendar, events you make for your den there will show up in the DLE.

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Unfortunately the BSA does not believe this is a bug. The SUAC is still trying but the BSA don’t want to allow units to delete events created by DLE.

There are 2 workarounds.

  1. Move the events you do not want to the past in DLE. This must be done one event at a time.
  2. In Scoutbook, use the Hide DLE switch on the calendar. This will hide all events created by DLE and not allow reminders to be sent for these events.
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Thank you. Sounds like many people have faced this issue and are now resolved to just deal with it. Sad, but No point dwelling on it. My only concern is that if I check the box to not show the DLE events will that be reflected when a parent logs in as well? The main thing is I don’t want to parent to show up to a meeting that wasn’t ever supposed to happen in the first place. Thanks again

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Hide DLE hides the events for the unit so no one sees them. You can then use the Scoutbook calendar to schedule your events.

My Lion DL went into DLE when it first came out, and I was able to erase everything he did th enext day. I don’t think the events were locked into place yet, but that is long gone. Our pack now simply does not use DLE.

I think that, if you decide you will not use DLE, you can transfer all the Scouts to another den and then delete the den associated with DLE. Other would know better than me whether that works. If you don’t have much invested in DLE and want to completely abandon it, that might be a good option.

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