How do I start over on Pack financials?

Our Pack has essentially rebooted. Only 3 Scouts are from the previous iteration, and our past two treasurers didn’t really do their job in an open manner. We now have a new treasurer and we want to start fresh going into 2022. We want to completely zero out the payment logs and everything, then enter our transactions from the beginning of the school year. How do we do that? Here’s what we look like right now. After the last transaction in the log, we actually had a balance of $139 in the bank.

You can use the Search Payment Log function and delete all previous entries from there or just create a new entry to zero everyone’s balances.

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Thanks! That worked. I deleted all transactions prior to Aug 2021. We have 3 Scouts who have paid dues, totaling $160. The balance sheet shows $160 in cash, $160 in assets, and a negative $160 in liabilities. What does that number mean - where is is coming from? Does SB assume that the pack owe’s the Scouts the money until it is removed from their account as a transaction into the Pack’s “account”? Not a financial guy, so my terms are probably wrong. Basically, is that money in a sort of limbo, where the Scout paid it, but the Pack didn’t debit it from the Scout and put it into the general fund? If so, how is that accomplished?

How did you delete the transactions? I can’t seem to find that button.

From your Pack Dashboard, go to the bottom of the page and look for Search Pack Payments Log. On the next page, leave everything as it is and go to the bottom. Click Search. Click on the Scout, then click Delete all transactions. That will clear out the entire Scout. Do that for everyone. After that, you can rebuild it. I deleted everyone that didn’t have a transaction after our zero day. Now we just have to use our other logs to record the transactions that we have and reconcile the balance with the bank’s numbers.

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