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How does a pack change to "family" from "boy"?

We have a few packs that are listed as boy packs, but are now truly family packs. Where is this changed and who can change it?

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I believe you have to talk to your council as it is defined on your charter


There is a setting in the Organization Manager in MYST. Scroll down that page to find types of youth the unit accepts.

Have your Chartered Org. Rep. or Executive Officer / Institution Head contact your local council.

I believe this is the proper place to update the details of your beascout pin.

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@jacobfetzer - ah yes, that seems to be the case.

I don’t think it is that simple. That would be a first step to actually change the real word organization.

Then it has to be correct in my.scouting commissioner tools. That is also independent of the BeAScout pin.

I will check out the pin settings with one of the key 3 of the pack in question.

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I suspect properly changing from a boy pack to a family pack must be done by council professionals.

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I think that is step 1.

Step 2 is confirming they show up properly in Comissioner tools.

Step 3 is changing the pin in BeAScout.

Step 2 maybe automatic after step 1. Step 3 is manual.

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More about family scouting:

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