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Cannot move unit from Boys Only to Family Pack for recharter

We would like to switch unit from Boys Only to allowing both Boys and Girls. District staff have been helping me complete this action so we can transfer youth from one unit to the other. I made the change on my.scouting.org on Dec 17th. I see this change reflected in some fields but not others on the same sites.

For example the image below shows internet advancement with “Family” pack on left but still “Boys” on right.

In my.scouting.org when I try to transfer youth it says not allowed. Pack is found as “boys/girls” but accept gender field still shows “Boys Only”.

If I try to add new youth member in recharter site, it only allows gender of boys. What are next steps to combine units and complete recharter?

Overall, I am hoping this resolves when system allows a unit to change which genders are accepted and all connected systems reflect that change so they function as expected. The immediate need for recharter only shows current urgency and not reflective of the solution required.

This sounds like something that your council staff needs to run through their contacts for bugs.

We are but I was hoping someone on the software side could look into a bug since multiple sites are reporting differences even within the same site. Even the “Accept Gender” field is showing different answers on the same site. I query in my.scouting.org for packs with “Boys/Girls” and get back a pack that says “Boys Only”. This takes mad skills to pull off. I would love to see the code to debug.

Council should be able to do this. This is what happened when boy packs became family packs to begin with.

Thanks. One day scouts will complete maturity to self service evolution and not require so many manual actions by councils. One day. https://media.webteam.puppet.com/uploads/2020/11/Puppet-State-of-DevOps-Report-2020.pdf?_ga=2.215213911.1987994144.1606158210-247828112.1606158210​

As the District Commissioner I’ve run this up to council but haven’t recieved a response yet. We’re seeing the pack listed as Boys Only in some places and Boys & Girls in other places. This is looking like a bug in the system

Where did you make the change in my.scouting? Knowing that, we might be able to note whether you were supposed to take any additional steps.

It would have been a little before 11:53PM MT.

I switched it in Organization Manager Settings from “Boys Only” to “Both Boys and Girls”

OK. That seems like what I remember changing a couple years ago.

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On 12/22, Council was able to change unit designation from “Boys Only” to “Family Pack”. No idea why this was necessary instead of Key3 changing through my.scouting.org. I waited till next day for systems to sync but there are still issues.

This now allows recharter software to add girls as new members to the unit. It does not allow my.scouting.org to transfer youth from girls unit to family unit. It still sees unit as boys only making them ineligible as I first indicated. Also note that internet advancement is also confused showing both “family” and “boys only” at the same time as I originally described.

Is this an indication that my.scouting.org has a bug that is out of council control and we need software development help?


If the council fade the change today, try to do the transfer tomorrow. There are several systems involved and they resume overnight.

Forgive me, I edited my post to add the timeline because I suspected that suggestion was coming. I was notified at 8:24AM MT 12/22 that change was made. A day later it has not synced. Do I just wait longer?

I have been told that it can take 48 hours for the two systems to sync. I will report back tomorrow if there is a change in the advancement system where we are trying to use the transfer functionality.

I should have a path forward for this specific issue.

Note that the original issue has not be resolved. My.scouting.org should provide “Self Service” functionality allowing units to switch from “Boys”, “Girls”, or “Family pack”. It should not also require intervention manually from council to make this change. I would suggest software team look into why the “Self Service” functionality did not work as expected.

Our council registrar just conferenced me with her counterpart at National. This is being elevated to the software maintainers as it appears to be a bug in the system.