How to Add AOL Den Leader

How do you add den leaders to the new AOL dens? Den Leader and Webelo Den Leader are not accepted by the system. I cannot choose the den. It remains grayed out.

*1) Desktop
*2) Windows
*3) Chrome
*4) Incognito Window in Chrome

@AshleyWorth - I would try this in

@AshleyWorth in - an admin can Edit a Den and add Adult - that makes them Den Admin - Den Leader for AOL is not yet fully supported

Thank you. Yesterday I had added the den leader in advancements.scouting with the den admin result. I hope we will get a notice when AOL Den Leader is available. We will work with den admin for now. Thanks again.


Updates are announced in the Scoutbook - Scoutbook Plus Change Log - Scouting Forums.

You can edit the den to change it back to a webelos den. Then in SB add the den leader. Then, edit the den again to change it back to aol.

Making the den Webelos, adding the den leaders, and then making it AOL let me add leaders as den leaders in Scoutbook Plus, but they show only as Den Admin in the den roster. They are connected to the AOLs and should be able to enter advancements, but it’s not 100%.