Added a New Leader to the Wrong Den, How do I add them to the correct den?

I’m the Cubmaster for a Pack and we just got a new leader for our Webelos den. When I went to assign her to a den I accidentally clicked the AOL den instead. She is now listed as a leader in the AOL den and Scoutbook isn’t giving me a apparent way to move her to the Webelos. When I click on her profile the Add Position button is gone now. When I click on the Webelos Den Leader button it doesn’t give anyway to switch the den number to her den. And lastly when I click on her den and select Add Leader, it tells me that my search doesn’t match any registered leaders.
Is there a way to move her that I am not aware of?
Thanks for any help!

Have you tried clicking on the Webelos DL position itself in her Positions page, then changing the den to the correct den? This requires that the target den already exists, but I’m assuming it does from your description.


Add an additional Webelos Den Leader position in the Webelos Den then put an end date on the AOL Webelos Den Leader position.

I’ve tried that, it just gives me the option to put in an end date.

How do I do that without the “+ Add Position/Role” button?

What is this individual’s BSA Member ID (no names please)?

Her number is: 14538824

Her registration looks correct.

When you go to your unit roster, click on her name and scroll to the bottom of the page there is no +Add Position/Role button?

Nope, I can see the button on every leader except her and the other new Den Leader that was added last week.

This seems to me likely caused by the same issue as connections manager not working.

Good morning,
I checked on it this morning and the “+Add Position/Role” button reappeared for all of my packs leaders.
Thank you to everyone who helped.


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