How to change unit affiliation in scoutbook profile

I have multiple units that I am affiliated with. I have selected only 1 to be my default after Scoutbook selected a different unit to be my default (3 actually). I have deactivated that option in my profile, however my default position isnt showing. How do I get it to remove the previous default position and show the one I want as standard?

@ElricoHurley - pick position in the list of your positions then click on it then once there move the slider named default position.

Go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions. If more than one position has the person silhouette next to it, click on those that you do not want to be default and turn the default slider off (to the right with gray background). Finally, turn the one you want to be default on (to the left and red). There should only be 1 default position when you are finished.

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