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Past positions showing incorrect unit

When I click on my own profile’s Positions, it shows my current positions and roles correctly, but my past positions incorrectly. The roles and dates are correct, but the unit is my current Troop instead of the Pack I actually held the positions with.

Interesting. When I look at my account via My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> My Name, I only show current and past troop-level positions. None of my prior pack-level positions appear.

When I look via My Dashboard -> My Profile -> My Positions, I see all of my past positions, and they are associated with the correct units.

Did your pack use Scoutbook, and you had those positions in your Scoutbook account before you transitioned over to the troop? I’m wondering if it could have auto-populated past positions from somewhere, and the code didn’t include the unit field,and just assumed that it was the same as the current unit.

What @CharleyHamilton said :point_up_2:

I see the same thing whether I access it directly from My Profile or through the Unit Roster. The only difference is that via My Profile, it also has a “Tenure: 0 days”, which I’ve just not bothered worrying about being wrong; through the Unit Roster, it doesn’t show that at all, neither correct nor incorrect.

I suspect the reason it’s showing my past positions from the unit roster is because currently all of them are incorrectly linked with the current unit.

My pack used Scoutbook from pre-BSA ownership onward. My positions were entered during that time period. I transitioned over 2 years ago to the troop, though I had a period at the beginning of our time with the troop where I didn’t hold any position. I did edit my positions earlier this year because the dates had all been reset (both past and current), but the units were correct at that time.

@DonovanMcNeil, do you think that the code is resetting the unit association because @TiffanyEschbach revised the dates after being in the new unit?

The information is/was definitely live somehow, because the name of the den with which I was associated as Tiger Den Leader has changed since it was entered, and now shows the name of the current Wolf Den in my old pack, which shares the den number.

Since the first of this year, did you ever have a problem logging in with your my.scouting user name? Ever log in and not see your unit info? Or were you ever told you had duplicate accounts?

No, no problems logging in with my my.scouting username aside from the occasional bug that I’ve seen reported where I “cannot log in at this time” and have to refresh a time or two before it completes a successful login.

I always see my unit and no duplicate account warning. I did have an issue several years ago when they first rolled out the new my.scouting when I ended up with two BSA IDs, but that has long since been resolved.

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