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Profile Default Unit keeps changing

I am assigned to multiple units in Scoutbook as a Scoutmaster, Unit Commissioner and Unit Admin of a Pack (I do not hold any other adult leader position there other than parent of a Den Chief but I was helping them with their Scoutbook implementation). My default position I have set in Scoutbook is as Scoutmaster, yet it seems every time I go into ScoutBook on my account page it is showing the pack’s red numbers, instead of my troop numbers. I have tried to fix this by turning off the default position, saving, then turning the default position back to my troop and saving again. This works in that moment, but when I leave and log back into ScoutBook later the pack numbers are again back on my profile. :frowning:

Anyone? I would love to get this fixed.


Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions. Look at each leadership position and make sure only one is set as the default.


Thank you for the suggestion. It has led to the discovery of some additional issues. I noticed that my ASM position in the 829 girl troop was marked as default as well as a Nova Counselor position within Pack 460.

I ended the Pack 460 Nova Counselor position. I attempted to turn off default for the ASM position but after I logged out and logged back in again it returned to default again. I repeated it again and on the repeat it seems to be sticking now.

Now the only position that is marked to default is my 829B Scoutmaster position, but still Pack 460’s numbers are showing on my profile. I only have the pack admin position left in my active positions and Scoutbook admin positions do not have sliders for default position.

Any new ideas?

it is just a fluke - it is not effecting your ability to use the system so I would suggest not worry about it

Some of those images may be cached. I’d try clearing your cache.

I’ve tested it on multiple browsers and devices and the same behavior is happening.

Try toggling your true default position off and back on.

So I tried switching to a different position altogether (Unit Commissioner of another Troop) which did switch to that troop’s numbers. I then changed the default position back to my troop scoutmaster position and this time my profile switched to the Pack I am a Unit Commissioner of (a position that has never been set to default…even in testing).

I then repeated the experiment and this time (fingers crossed) it looks like the troop scoutmaster position is holding. The bottom line is there is definitely something weird going on with default positions showing in my profile. I don’t know if it is some obscure code/caching issue when someone has a lot of Scoutbook positions, but it is something to at least be aware of to address.

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