How to export scouts email to SOAR

I have ran the export and for scouts I only get their parents email. We use SOAR for our calendar and day to day troop items. Most all of the scouts have their own email and get notified that way. How do I export the scouts email, which is different from the parents?

As a YPT protection there is no way to get the Youth Emails out of Scoutbook. You would need to collect them externally.

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That does not make sense. If it was for YPT then we would not get their address, phone number, age, name etc… Not to mention we are all YPT trained and their parents signed a waver giving us access.

We are migrating from TroopMaster where we have all of that information to SB which will not provide the information. This is going to make it very hard for us to communicate with our scouts if we cannot have an updated list of their emails.

This is how BSA Legal wants it is all I can tell you

Again that makes no sense… We go through all this training to work with scouts in person and we can export their phone number, address, DOB, first and last name, but we cannot export their email address.

Clearly, there is a disconnect somewhere…

Although you could try pursuing a change request through your council, my thought is that the most likely outcome is a reduction in the information available for export, not an increase.

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