YPT Expiration column is not populated in Roster Report

I have generated a Roster Report for all Adult Leaders and Parents.

When I download the report as a CSV file, there is a column labeled “YPT (Expiration Date)”. Unfortunately, it is not populated.

It would be huge help if this was populated.

The expiration date shows up appended to the Y01 training entry in the Training column, but it is hard to pick it out of all the other training in the list.


I agree that will be an important fix. You can also work around it for now using the Feature Assistant Extension to pull the “Show Adult YPT Status” report. That captures both registered scouters and parents/guardians. It can be slow if you have a large unit, but it gets the job done.

I have installed the extension and it shows active.

How do I “pull the “Show Adult YPT Status” report”?


Navigate to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Reports

It’s the last item in the list:

Evidently I don’t have permission to access that.

Weird. Are you a Unit Admin or Key 3/Key 3 Delegate?

No. Here is what I see.

The YPT Status Report works but only gives adult leaders not parents.

Yeah, it sounds like you need to be an admin or Key 3 Delegate to pull those reports. I hadn’t noticed that, but I’ve been a unit admin since before BSA bought Scoutbook.

You could coordinate with your Key 3 to see if they’re willing to make you a Key 3 Delegate in my.scouting or a Unit Admin in Scoutbook.

I have put in a request. They had to tweak it once before so that I could include parents in the roster report. Hopefully they can find the right button to push. :slight_smile:

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