Include YPT Expiration Date (or EXPIRED) in Roster Reports

I use Roster Reports to generate a list of troop MBCs. I need to know their YPT status in the report also.

Please add YPT status to the fields available to choose from for Roster Reports.

I agree that a cleaner option would be good, but you can get this info two ways right now:

In Roster Builder, if you turn on “Show Training”, it will include Y01 (and the expiration date). It’s messy because it shows everything (and misleadingly IMHO indicates that the individual components of YPT don’t expire).

Separately, under troop reports, you can use the Show Adult YPT Status Report (part of the Feature Assistant Extension, I think) which will include both troop-level registered scouters and parents (whether or not they are registered).

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This does the trick. I can now generate a list of all troop MBCs and their YPT training. It even shows when the YPT training expires.


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OK, here’s a puzzle.

Are we sure Y01 is the correct training for YPT?

Because I have a parent counselor who does not show up for Y01 training in their Roster Builder Report, but they show up with it in the MBC search result.

Here is their training:

As you can see, they don’t have Y01 training listed.

But, they show up in the MBC search results:

Could this be a permissions thing? They had to modify my permissions to get the Parents to show up in my report at all.

Also, it is not listing my current email address, even though it shows correctly in My Profile.

Makes me question the validity of the output?

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Yes, Y01 is what is required. It will show up after taking or renewing all 4 of the following modules:


If you don’t see YPT in their training, but they are an approved merit badge counselor (MBC), then they probably have more than one BSA member ID number. If you would like to post the BSA member number that you can see, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

Your e-mail looks the same to me based on what I can see, but it’s possible that the report is pulling from a different data field.

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I’m showing up twice in the report output. Once with my old email, once with my new email. I had changed my email to the new one some time ago.

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The parent that is not showing Y01 training but still shows up in the MBC search is 13634178.

@StevenSheldon You have 2 BSA member numbers, 2 usernames at my.scouting, and 2 Scoutbook userIDs.

I have added your second BSA member number at my.scouting (Manage Member ID). I have retired the other username (last login was 2020). I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

I have searched multiple ways, but I don’t see any current issues for the MBC / parent with BSA member number 13634178. It looks like she used to have another Scoutbook userID, but the Scoutbook userIDs were merged in March. She completed the required YPT modules on 06/05/2022.

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Thanks for the help with my account.

Both the other member and myself do not show the Y01 training when I run my report to Show Training. Shows a lot of other stuff, but not Y01.

I’m on our troop committee but not an MBC (yet). The other parent is an MBC and shows up when you do a search and shows YPT active there.


@StevenSheldon I have been able to reproduce this bug and reported it to the developers.

Are you your troop’s Training Coordinator? Or Advancement Coordinator?

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I am the “Merit Badge Dean”. This is my first time doing any kind of committee thing so I’m new at it all. My primary responsibility is keeping track of who our internal merit badge counselor resources are, and recruiting new ones and processing their paperwork.

As such I need to keep a record of who they all are, what they are approved to coach, and keep track of their YPT stuff. I think we have another committee person who keeps track of YPT stuff so there is some redundancy (can’t be too careful with that!).

I figured Scoutbook has all this info so instead of maintaining our own list we should be able to query SB for it.

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