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How to log non-camping Canoe trip in scout book activity

Hi, I want to log a 12 mile, non-camping, Canoe day trip in Scoutbook activity log, but the only options are camping, hiking and service hours? Please advise,


Chris Anderson
Troop 59

Until more options are added to the Activity Logs, I can see two options:

  1. Add the activity using Scoutbook’s calendar and take attendance.

and / or

  1. Add the activity in the Hiking Log. I haven’t tried it, but I think you might be able to put “0” for the number of miles hiked. Or you could put the number of miles traveled, because the Hiking Log is not linked to anything else.

We did a combination camp/hike/canoe event a couple weekends ago. I entered it as one camping activity and two hike activities, and make it clear in the titles which portion was hiking and which portion was canoeing.

This way, if other activity types are added in the future, I can easily find and edit events.

Steve, what does CPT stand for?

@JenniferOlinger it stands for “Chief Pontiac Trail”. It’s a great program here in Metro Detroit that includes “Lil’ Brave” activities for Cubs and “medium adventure” credential hikes for Scouts and others aged 14 and older. We just finished our first “Circle of Fire” last month – completing a 16.5 mile summer hike, a a nine-ish mile winter hike, and a canoe/hike, along with a conservation service project.

Info here: https://www.chiefpontiacprograms.org/

Most importantly, you get a really nice medal for completing your first CPT hike, along with arrowhead hike counters…


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