Activity tracker for other modes of transit

Under the activity tracker, there is only Camping, Service Hours, and Hiking. Would we be able to get additional logs for different methods of travel? There are awards like the Outdoor Achievement Award that require us to track things like 200 miles of cycling, stock riding, skating, motor boating, or mountain boarding.

This has been requested multiple times, most recently in this thread: National Outdoors Award activities

According to the SUAC folks, it is in the backlog somewhere, but the BSA does not publish when or if items in the backlog will be worked on and added to the production feature set.

In the interim, I recommend tracking the elements (e.g. hikes, camping nights, mileage, etc) directly in the comments of the award segment to which they apply. In some cases, it’s the only feasible work-around, such as cub or scout camping nights from a unit that didn’t use Scoutbook.

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Thanks. Great idea.


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