How to merge accounts?

I currently have two accounts, both using the same email address (but for only one account the email address equals the username). One account has the connections to my children, the other my training records. Is there a way to merge and discontinue one of them?

@FrankNiesen I fixed - use the sign in (lastname)(firstinitial)(Middleinitial)

Your training should merge over the next day

I saw other threads where users provided the account numbers.
Account with training: #14203403
to merge into this account, please: #14209316
Thank you

Hi Donavan. Thanks so much. I believe, though, that the account I need to keep is not the one with username equal to
But the one with my email address as the user name, because only that is connected to my children.

Whatever is the easiest for you, of course. As long as I end up with children and training in one account.
Thank you