Need to combine accounts

My email is being used on 2 accounts. For some reason another one as created for me, can someone assist on combining for (removed by Moderator for privacy)

This is being fixed @EdithanneFritz

Hi, I am having the same problem and would like to delete one of the accounts and keep the one that is connected to both my scouts. Thanks!

@SharonLiu this can be fixed - you need to use your Username NOT your email to sign in.

To avoid confusion, is it possible to delete the duplicate account? Currently, there is one with 1 connection and one with 2 connections. I need the one with 1 connection deleted. Thanks

I merged them together - but do not use the email to login - use the user name for that you used to use for the account with 1 daughter connection

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Thanks for your help. I see both scouts on Scout book; however, myscout only shows my daughter under “myapplications.” Can you help me add my son, ID#135102897? Thanks.

@SharonLiu only councils can do that

Kind of the same issue, except 2 different numbers showing in scoutbook:
12637458 (pretty sure this is my main number)

@AndrewBrewer you need to talk to council - they have registrations on both BSA #s - they need to consolidate registrations to one or the other and they need to add all your Scouts as Kids to one of them

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My email is being used under two accounts, can someone please assist?

@LindseyBriskie that is fixed

We have two accounts for, can you combine them @DonovanMcNeil? They both have green checkmarks by them, but one of them I don’t have the “Add Position/Role” to.

OK that is fixed @KevinNickels

I have yet another leader that has two accounts. I see you edited the email address out from my last request - how should I identify this person to you?

@KevinNickels If you could provide the adult’s BSA member number, we can usually go from there. Scoutbook userID can also work, but please specify which number you are providing.

Here are the two sets of numbers. Thanks.

SB User ID:11999341
BSA Member ID:13889038

SB User ID:12415456
BSA Member ID:14647358

@KevinNickels These Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

We have a CR who is registered under the BSA ID 137160553 but logs in to my.scouting with an account linked to the BSA ID 13670077.

She tried to add the registered ID using manage member ID and got the message “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”

We suspect that the names on the two accounts records are slightly different.

Can you combine for us or do we need to work through council?

The other is set to primary - I am not sure if council could have helped as the 0077 one seems to have been deleted some time ago