Need to combine accounts

My email is being used on 2 accounts. For some reason another one as created for me, can someone assist on combining for

This is being fixed @EdithanneFritz

Hi, I am having the same problem and would like to delete one of the accounts and keep the one that is connected to both my scouts. Thanks!

@SharonLiu this can be fixed - you need to use your Username NOT your email to sign in.

To avoid confusion, is it possible to delete the duplicate account? Currently, there is one with 1 connection and one with 2 connections. I need the one with 1 connection deleted. Thanks

I merged them together - but do not use the email to login - use the user name for that you used to use for the account with 1 daughter connection

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Thanks for your help. I see both scouts on Scout book; however, myscout only shows my daughter under “myapplications.” Can you help me add my son, ID#135102897? Thanks.

@SharonLiu only councils can do that

Kind of the same issue, except 2 different numbers showing in scoutbook:
12637458 (pretty sure this is my main number)

@AndrewBrewer you need to talk to council - they have registrations on both BSA #s - they need to consolidate registrations to one or the other and they need to add all your Scouts as Kids to one of them

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My email is being used under two accounts, can someone please assist?

@LIndseyBriskie that is fixed