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Merge Two Scoutbook Accounts

I have one account set up to login with my email address and my son and his troop/advancement is under that profile. I have another account with a username and it has my old scout information from when I earned Eagle Scout 20+ years ago. The username account is registered with the same email for the first account. So I can’t change the email address for the account that logs in with the email address. (Makes sense, right?)

So if I can somehow merge the accounts that would be easiest. Or just delete the username account and then I can only use the account that logs in with my email address.

if you post the 2 BSA #s we can take a look

BSA ID 13749585 has access to Scoutbook but not to unit.
BSA ID 13578157 has current registration and appears in unit roster.

When user tries to log in with the latter ID, a spinning wheel occurs and will not advance. He would prefer to keep the 13749585 ID if possible.

@MatthewAnderson6 I fixed this in a different thread - please do not double post issues

I thought we did as well but he is still having this issue as of this morning. I asked him to reply on this thread but he said it shows that his account does not have access to post on the discussions.

@MatthewAnderson6 I think it is because he is trying to log in with his e-mail address, but he needs to log in with his my.scouting username and password.

133765336 - active and has my son and current troop

110330499 - inactive.

@JohnMcCarthy how do you want to log in with email or my.scouting.org username - username is usually better

@JohnMcCarthy I made it where you can use either method to log in

136561255 is the active BSA ID
12860604 needs to be merged

Thank you again for all of your help

@MatthewAnderson6 this is done

Thank you! Very helpful and fast.

Sorry to chime in late, but I have the same issue: a scout with one BSA ID but two Scoutbook UserIDs. Only one has his advancement records … the other one is blank (but that one seems to be the one synching with IA). How do I fix this?

Thank you for your help, I have another merge I believe that needs to be done.

135609379 has the active registration
116588371 needs to be merged.

@OlivierSalamin Please post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names).

@MatthewAnderson6 This should be fixed. The user needs to log in with her my.scouting username and password – not e-mail address.

I am working on Matt’s SUAC

I told her to start logging in with her username and not the email address. When I spoke to her, she said it appeared as though everything was fixed and correct BSA ID showing so I believe this issue has been resolved. I sent her the link to this thread if she does have any further issues.

Thank you both again.


Jennifer, the Scout’s BSA# is 133290129

The Scoutbook ID with all his history is 5110374.
The new, imcomplete Scoutbook ID is 11826664


I am having the same issues with two Scouts in our unit that have duplicate profiles. Can you please combine these accounts (have the bold one survive)? Thanks!