How to remove a parent from a scouts profile

I need some help to remove a parent profile from a Scouts connection. The Scout has gained access to the parent profile and is using it to enter his own records into Scoutbook. He has even entered his own information into the parents profile. For right now I need to get that access removed. The committee will deal with the Scout.

The parent or Council will need to do so, however, unless the parent is also a leader in the unit, there is nothing that can be done from the parent account in terms of advancement that can’t be done from the Scout’s account.

It is possible that the parent and Scout’s Scoutbook accounts got mixed up somehow.

If you post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can check.

As Ed said, Scouts and parents can mark stuff as completed in Scoutbook. This is similar to putting a checkmark in the left column of the Handbook and means that the Scout is ready to be tested. It doesn’t mean anything until approved by a leader in Scoutbook.

I need help with changing email addresses for 2 parents that have tried to change their email addresses both in My.Scouting and in Scout Book. Please help. Thanks

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