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Editing a childs parents

I just got started in Scoutbook and it looks like one person is connected to the wrong scout. How can I edit a Scouts parents ( delete them)?

The only way to correct this error is by sending an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit and the incorrect parent name and ask that the connection be removed.

We have requested that parent/guardian connections be breakable by a unit admin as long as the connection is pending. We do not know when this change will be released.

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I was just going to second that request. I have a scout that ended up with grandparents getting custody but his dad’s account has been pending for a couple years and I can’t remove it.

Herb, you need to have the Unit Leader, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep. send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:

In the e-mail, they should explain the situation and provide as much identifying information as they can (Scout’s name, BSA ID #, parent’s name, unit number, council name).

Funny, support was so fast, they have already fixed it for me!


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I have a scout that just moved up from a pack where his parents were leaders and have full control of his advancements and profile. How do I change their permissions to only view the profile and advancements? They are not leaders in the troop, and we are only giving full edit rights to a select few leaders.

Hi, @JamesParrett,

There is no way to limit parent access to anything other than Full Control, per BSA’s directive to the programming team (this is discussed at length in various threads on the forum). However, since they are not leaders in the troop, you can change their connection type from both Parent and Leader to Parent, which should remove their access to Leader Approve advancement. The easiest way to do this, from my perspective, is to click on the scouts Connections from the scout’s dashboard, then click on each of the parents and uncheck the “Leader” box in that connection.

If they were also leaders, however, you would have to rely on policy to not Leader Approve anything for their own scout. There is no way to restrict this for someone who is both a parent and a leader in the same unit.

ETA: I should probably also clarify that the parents and scout can still mark things Complete, which has been represented on the forums as equivalent to checking the left hand column of the physical handbook.

Charley,'Thanks for the quick reply.
Neither parent is a leader in our troop.
But since they were leaders in the pack they have full control of the scouts advancement and profile info. I did uncheck the leader box for the father under the scouts connections, but the leader box was not checked for the mother. Other parents in the troop roster only get the permission I assigned them which are view advancements and profile, but they were never registered as leaders.
I will trust the parents to do the right thing when it comes to updating the scout’s advancements.
I will also invite them to be members of the troop in Scoutbook then maybe I can edit their privileges.
Once again thank you for your response.


All parents are supposed to have Full Control. Unless they are also a leader in the Scout’s current unit (as shown on the Troop Roster), they cannot Approve advancements.

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And the full control for parents can not be revoked or removed.

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OK, Thank you all for your input.


Ah, yes, as you discovered Full Control, even for a Parent connection, allows everything but Leader Approve and severing Unit Admin connections, AFAIK; the latter so long as the scout is associated with that unit. This includes deleting an account, I believe.

I suspect that the other parents are actually connected to their own scouts as Full Control (we had parents previously set as View/View who were automatically changed to Full Control when BSA made the revision), but aren’t used to having that access, so don’t attempt to make the changes that they could.

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