Removing a Parent/Guardian

I need to remove a Parent/Guardian from a Scout. I would also like him removed from all of our Scouts since he can View Profile of most of our Scouts. I called our Council and was told to contact Scoutbook.

@ReneeSeese your council can remove the parent with VST Tool. You can end all other connections

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To remove the individual from all the Scouts except those with a Parent/Guardian connection, go to your roster page, select Connection Manager. Click on the adult’s name then clear all the check boxes.

As Donovan has said, the Council needs to break the Parent/Guardian connection. They can do this using Volunteer Support Tools. They also need to check the Scout’s record in Akela to see if the adult is connected there as the parent/guardian connection will return to Scoutbook if it is in Akela and the Scout’s record is updated.

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