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How to remove adult from patrol

Hi, I’m trying to remove an adult (the scoutmaster) from a test patrol that he created about a year ago when we were trying out ScoutBook and we can’t seen to find where to do it. For a scout, I can just change their membership information but there’s no analogous function for adults. And disapproving the patrol just puts it into limbo without deleting it (he can still see it but no one else can). Am I missing something?

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probably one of his positions is attached to the patrol - take a look at his positions

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In addition to @DonovanMcNeil’s point, it takes time for the patrol to actually drop from the troop listings (I believe at least overnight). As a unit admin, the SM will continue to see things that are “disapproved” (patrols, scouts, leader positions) even though they may be invisible to others. That could also be playing into the observed behavior.

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Just Scoutmaster and Troop Admin. Nothing else.

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I’ll try disapproving it and see if it drops tomorrow. Even though it was created months (maybe as much as a year) ago, I don’t believe it had ever been approved before yesterday, so perhaps it has to be approved and then disapproved before it will disappear.

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If you disapprove the patrol and it does not go away after you log out/in this means there is either an adult leader or Scout still attached to the patrol. The adult leader would either be a patrol admin or ASM assigned to the patrol. A Scout could either be a member of the patrol or hold a position in the patrol. If no adult holds a position in the patrol and there are no Scouts that are members, you will need to look at the Leadership Positions of every Scout to find the one that has a leadership position in that patrol. Put an end date on the position and the patrol will disappear the next time you log in.

@DavidOksner By any chance is this patrol named after the Scoutmaster? For example: John Smith Patrol / Jane Smith Patrol?

IT WAS! Last night, we renamed it to “Test” (Patrol) but still didn’t see a way to remove him from the patrol. Is there something special about naming it after yourself?

Per the suggestion above, I’ve disapproved it. It disappeared from my view, so I have an email to the SM to see if it’s still there for him and, if so, to check tomorrow.

I think the issue is that the patrol is not approved, but he is associated with it due to the way that it was created.

Have him try going to: My Account -> My Positions, and see if he has a position associated with that patrol under “My Current Positions & Roles”. If he puts an “Date Ended” on his position with the patrol, then the patrol should go away. He might need to log out, then log back in again.

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