Unapproved patrol still showing

Following the instructions for Scoutbook, during our recent patrol reorg, we eliminated a couple old patrols. Two that we removed were fine, but one is still showing, despite being disapproved, having no members, and myself having logged in and out several times. I’ve tried to approve it then disapprove it again, but to no effect. I’ve labeled the patrol with a temp name to make clear it’s supposed to be deleted, but I can’t seem to do anything else to it. How can I get that removed?

Troop 11
NEIowa Council

does a scout or an adult have an open position in the patrol?

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Possibly a troop guide?

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No, no scouts or leaders connected. I checked the full troop roster to be sure. The patrol also isn’t showing it’s name either in it’s details (note the “Error (delete)” name at the top, yet showing up with Bear patrol header (other patrols when checked are fine).

See if you can reapprove the patrol. I think there is a hanging Scout Leadership position somewhere.

You might be able to find it if you use the Feature Assistant Extension:

Quick Entry → Enter Scout Leadership

Scout Leadership isn’t an option under quick entry (I was able to easily re-approve the patrol)


@JonathanUzel Are you using the Feature Assistant Extension? Is it turned on?

I’m not familiar with that, where is that enabled?

The Feature Assistant Extension is available for Firefox and Chrome here:

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Ok, (great info btw, hadn’t heard of that at all, and I’m our troop’s main admin, and a district trainer!).

That said, checked leadership, and it’s only showing new leadership from last night, nothing out there unusual.

@JonathanUzel if you have a few I can setup a screenshare to try to isolate it

I could do that, sure

ok I will message - watch Avatar at top right to find it

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