Scout disappeared from Scoutbook when unassigned patrol

One of our Scouts earned his Eagle and aged out. I’m the admin and tried to unassign him to a patrol while we wait for him to be transferred to the adult leadership side. He accepted a position as a junior assistant scoutmaster. So there are two issues here.

Also, I need to know how to remove a Scout from a patrol and leave them unassigned. We do not assign our senior patrol leader to a patrol. Can you tell me how to do this, please? Thanks,

@DebbyBell please do not post names - if you post the BSA # we can take a look - you can get that at > roster (by a key 3)

To remove a Scout from a patrol, you end the membership and without leaving the Scout’s membership page, create a new membership in a unit without assigning a patrol.

The Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster position is for youth members of the Troop. Your Eagle Scout who aged out could be an Assistant Scoutmaster but not a Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster.

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Ok, thanks. Can you reinstate his account on Scoutbook though?

@DebbyBell if you post the BSA # we can see

Our Scoutmaster just looked at and he is no longer listed as a Scout or an Adult. I do not have his BSA number.

I found him but he already aged out so he needs an adult application and YPT to continue

He actually has done all that. I can provide confirmation from our committee chair if needed.

Ideally, his BSA ID was included on the new adult application in the lower right corner, or at least the bubble for being an existing member was filled in on that application. Once the council registrar processes his paperwork, your soon-to-be new ASM will appear on your roster in, and shortly thereafter in Scoutbook.

If his name and contact information matches what was on his existing youth record in Scoutbook, then in theory the registrar should be able to find him.

@DebbyBell well you just have to wait for council to process it

O.K. So in the meantime there’s nothing that I can do, right?

Thanks for the help and the explanation.

@DebbyBell - if you have the recharter from last year the scout should be listed. I make a pdf of each one.

Basically, yes. For him to appear as a leader in the roster, he must first be registered. Even if he were still “present” on Scoutbook in the unit as a youth, he couldn’t be added as a leader, since the BSA restricts who can appear on the leader roster to adults who have already completed the registration process (i.e. been processed by council).

My committee chair just told me that he already planned to go to Council next week anyway, so he’s going to follow up with the registrar at that time. He has the person’s BSA ID#.

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I would recommend this new Scouter take YPT and sign the criminal background check in addition to the application so everything is in order when the chair goes to the registrar. If not, it will delay the process further.

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