How to use Scouting Forums bookmarks - help?

Is there training on how to use bookmarks in the Scouting Forums? Also can a legend of images with what they are be added to posts? I do not need alt test for reading (some people do) but I cannot always remember what all the button images are.


The forums are on the Discourse platform. Any documentation is provided by Discourse. The Discourse forums are at

If you hover your mouse over the icons below a post, a pop-up will tell you what they do.

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If you bookmark a post, you’ll be asked for a reminder date (which you can ignore), and then it will be available in your bookmark list when you click on your avatar.


Deleting the bookmark will remove it from the list.

There’s is also a set of FAQs related to use of the forums here: FAQ for New Scouting Forums

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