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Connecting Troop Members to Forums

Our troop used the forums section of Scoutbook for a majority of our communication. It took quite a bit a time and communication to get everyone subscribed and receiving all communication from the troop. Now we are challenged with quickly doing this again, with all new instructions for the new forums. This is going to be difficult, so I am looking for the best way to connect folks to forums, especially those that are not computer savvy.

It seems you have to add your troop category to notifications. It is currently muted, so no one will receive anything until they change this. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Is there anyway we can do this for everyone in the troop?


If users want to receive notification of all posts in your unit forum (category in Discourse terms) they should navigate to the category and click the icon to the right of New Topic to set their preference.

They will get a pop-up window to select their notification level.

There is no way to do this for everyone in the unit. Discourse does not provide that level of control.

But Discourse does allow API’s where one can embed a forum into another site. Sure would be nice to have a unit’s forum embedded into the previous placeholder of the old forums. That way parents and scouts would actually see them rather than a link to another site where they must now log in again (even with SSO) confusing, and potentially discouraging the use of the forums.

The unit forum link in Scoutbook is being updated to take the user to their Discourse category.

The developers are looking into why some users are having to log in to Discourse after logging in to Scoutbook. Users logged in to Scoutbook or should be able to go to the Discourse forums without logging in again.

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This helpful as an option?

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