IA Calendar default reoccurring meeting time

When I set up reoccurring Den meetings on the IA calendar and set the time from 6:30-8, it is updating the end time to 7. When I go back in and manually update the end time to 8 and click save, it changes it back to 7 no matter what. Any thoughts?

@AdamCummings - I just did a test event and had no issue with the start and end times.

are you editing the original event or one of the duplicates?

I tried both and had the same effect. I even created a whole new event, set the time to 6;30-8. It reoccurs weekly, then after I saved it, it updated the time to 6:30-7.

@AdamCummings - can you try this with an incognito session ?

No impact, same thing. I was editing in Edge, tried in Chrome, and also in incognito in Chrome. No difference.

@AdamCummings - it was worth a shot but I am unable to replicate the issue

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This has previously been reported, but we’ve struggled to find the root cause. So, more details are appreciated to reproduce if possible.

It is easily reproducible for me.

  1. Open IA. Go to the calendar.
  2. Click + to add a new event.
  3. Click “Repeat Event” button.
  4. Fill out information as follows: Event Name: Den meeting, Event Type: Pack meeting, Event start time: 6:30PM, Event end time: 8:00 PM, Event Description: Weekly meeting, Event start date: 3/6/2024, Event End date: 5/15/2024, Event Location: St Peter the Apostle Cafeteria.
  5. Select All Invitees/Attendees.
  6. Create Event.

Once it is created and you look at the calendar, it had updated the end time to 7:00 PM.

I also tried to edit the existing series I had by clicking “Edit Existing Series”, click “Edit Future Series Events”, Update the end time to 8:00 PM and click save. It indicates the event was updated successfully, but upon looking it is still set to end at 7:00 PM.

In addition, If I try to edit the existing series and change the Event type to “Other”, I get an error that say " This user does not have access to this API", and once I get out of that error, my series is deleted all together and gone.

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@AdamCummings OK I reproduced this and will get it reported

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now I’m wondering what you did differently this time compared to when you could not reproduce this issue 3 weeks ago

followed your exact steps - it has to do with time change this sunday

Since time has changed, it is now appropriately timing. Unsure of root cause.