October 11, 2023 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with time zone affecting units that use Daylight Savings Time. Note: IA Calendar saves the time in Central Time. If the event is at 7pm it will save it based upon the units relation to the Central time zone. If you are out of the unit’s time zone when you view the event, it will show the time of the event in your unit’s timezone first and add a second line with the time in your device’s (local) time zone. And if you are in your unit’s time zone it won’t show a different local time. All events in Scoutbook will be reflected properly in IA and all IA events will reflect correctly in SB.

New Features

  • Users can now create an event that includes just a sub-unit (e.g., Den, or Patrol.)
  • RSVP report is now available in the event in IA Calendar
  • You can now pre-select attendees based upon the meeting type
  • Removed ability for users to enter text for an Event type in the Calendar.