IA Calendar - Parent View & SB continued migration

So the calendar is official launching in IA this week and I see instructions for leaders.

I’m not seeing anything regarding access for parents/families. Will they also need to go into IA to see or can they continue going to ScoutBook/Scouting app?

Lastly, we can we expect the rest of the Scoutbook features to migrate over? Is there a timeline for this that we should be aware of?

Parents will be able to access the IA Calendar no issue

BSA does not share timelines for development

But are parents accessing also in IA or in Scoutbook?

I’m concerned about asking parents to use more than one tool. They are to use IA for calendar but Scoutbook for rank progress?

In IA - there will be a link from SB - if you want to see it in IA go to Dropdown at top right and change your role to parent

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