How do families find new IA calendar?

I am seeing lots of discussion on how to login and use the new IA Calendar for leaders/admins. But how will families and scouts access it? Our units’ families know to login to Scoutbook - do they need to now know how to login to IA. Or will there be an obvious redirect from Scoutbook? Does anyone have a graphic of what that will look like so we can let families know where to RSVP and look at the calendar.

The links in scoutbook will point directly to the new IA calendar when the SB calendar is turned off.

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That was my question. …so there will be NO calendar views in Scoutbook?

I fear that this is going to elicit one large groan from our scouting families and leaders, as an additional site for the family to go to is not going to facilitate online participation. I used to be a HUGE advocate of internet tools for scouts… I am quickly learning to appreciate the good old days of paper records.

It is useful to stop making the distinction. Think of it all as Scoutbook. One had a new interface and one is classic.

The unit and subunit pages in Scoutbook will continue to show the next couple events.

I think I am clearer on this now, but I am still not completely sure how the calendar will present to families logging in to Scoutbook after this change. I agree totally it is best to think of it all as “Scoutbook” but all the current rollout of the new calendar, including the current banner running in Scoutbook, says to “login to Internet Advancement” to see the calendar. My hope is that this will be as transparent as possible to families and I won’t have to even mention Internet Advancement - it is enough to get them to login to Scoutbook. Other than that I’m looking forward to the new calendar and functionality - thank you to everyone working on it.

@ConstanceF - the point of SSO is to be able to go from scountbook to internet advancement to with the same account. there are links to IA and MYST in scoutbook


While they are both up, you have to log into internet advancement to see the new calendar. Once the old calendar is retired, the existing links in Scoutbook will be redirected to the Internet Advancement calendar.

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I noticed today that I cannot edit one of my den events within the IA calendar. There is no edit button that I can see. If it helps, one of the Assistant den leaders in my den originally input the event through scoutbook. I was able to edit through the Scoutbook calendar.

I also initially had to clear cache, log out, and back in to be able to see the calendar feature.

I liked the color coding in the SCoutbook calendar. It made it easy to see where my events were on the calendar. I see you can select which calendars within a unit to display. I would like to request a select all/deselect all feature. Right now, if I want to only see my den calendar, I have to individually deselect about 20 calendars.

If we are using the Scouting app (the red one) will the events tab be the same? Just the back end changes?

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