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Idea for Activity Logs


When logging my events in the activity log within Scoutbook, I noticed some things that could be eased. I like the separation of logs into camping, hikes, service hours, and long cruise; however, one must enter different logs for each category even if one event spans across multiple. For instance, if a Scout went on a five-mile hike during a camping trip that also included 3 hours of service, that person would have to create multiple logs for the same event to cover the three categories. Why not make an initial log where an individual can insert the event with the details and all hours spent hiking, cruising, and doing service along with the frost points? Then once the log is put in, the system files that event under ever corresponding category that it fits in (ex: OA Fall Ordeal - 6 service hours and 1 hour of hiking would put the event “OA Fall Ordeal” under both the hiking and service hours categories. I think that would ease up the logging process for users. What do you think?


It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t know how much it simplifies everything…

The bear about the activity logs has always been that Scouts going to some event don’t always do the same amount of the same stuff…

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Ah, I overlooked that idea. You are right, but my idea was referring to a more general use of activity logs for individuals and not per say groups - which it was meant for to begin with. Sorry for not specifying!

No sweat. It’s been a frequent request to link the calendar and the activity logs to simplify the data entry. But, as always, the devil’s in the details…

That is a fantastic idea! It would certainly simplify entering an individual’s activities. I just spent some time helping my boys get their activity logs updated and suffered through this exact thing. It would be so much easier to fill out one activity then mark up what other item could be logged. The form could add the data to the appropriate logs under the same activity name.
I just wish they would move the logs back into Scoutbook. Still trying to get my Unit Leaders to embrace Scoutbook and moving the logs to Internet Advancement and another login has not helped my case.

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