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I am trying to enter a camping trip into the log for several scouts. When I got activity log and select camping it keeps sending me to online advancement. Is this a bug that is being fixed or is their a new way to record nights camping. It dos e t let me add it either from each Scouts account or from the quick entry.

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I think you;ll find more information on this issue in these threads:

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Why would the y make it more difficult ? Now the scouts can’t see how many nights camping they have, how miles they’ve hikes or their service time. Why can’t to be put back the way it was??!


You’re preaching to the choir, there. I don’t find it an improvement, personally. I understand the motivation for changing the back-end, it just seems to have been a …rough… rollout.

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Having checked m son’s account he can see the logs and can add activities which show for leaders as needing approval. On my login I have added test activities of all three types. One note is that you can not credit them to scouts until the actual start. So no preload of people. I can run a screen share to assist.

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The lack of night/hour/miles count is a bug. The developers are aware of the issue. An announcement will be put in the Change Log when it is fixed.


I have yet to understand why this change was made in the first place. As an MBC, I cannot review Camping logs right now of even myself & my kids, much less any other scouts in my unit or that I am an MBC for.

I also don’t understand why we have a separate site now instead of Scoutbook.



Scoutbook is developed on old programming technology that is hard to find developers. It’s architecture was not designed for easy updates and addition of features. The new platform is designed on modern programming dechnology with an architecture that allows for more rapid deployment of features.

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement share the same database, only the front end is different.

We are reporting issues to the developers as they come in and they are fixing them as fast as they can.

I have added your request to see the logs for Scouts you counsel to the backlog.


I wonder if the developers did more to make the iconography of IA2 to look like old Scoutbook. It wouldn’t exactly work the same, but the more we can “hide” the fact that they are 2 platforms, the more palatable it could be. Ideally they could use something like a style sheet that could switch from the old to the new look and feel / color scheme.

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@Matt.Johnson Or vice versus, stylize current ScoutBook to look more like IA2 and Scouting app since that’s the direction it’s going and make people more accustomed to it?

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The powers that be in the BSA have decided all of the tools will have the look and feel of the Scouting App and Internet Advancement. The Scoutbook interface will be gradually replaced as functions are moved from the old Scoutbook platform to the new platform upon which Internet Advancement is built.

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I have the same issue. It says that I don’t have access and only the Key 3 can enter activities. Why take that ability from the Den leaders? I can’t even count on our leadership to turn in applications let alone enter hiking/camping hours.


That’s exceedingly disappointing news, but thanks for passing the word along, @edavignon. I guess it’s time to start learning the idiosyncracies of IA2 and training my replacement.


Ok. I am just noodling on how to make this and the next step smoother.

Again I think reports is a good example. I assume no one really cares that they are in IA2. To most people, they would seem to be in Scoutbook.

Maybe it shouldn’t even be pointed out that things like the logs are in IA2. I could argue that they are in Scoutbook, but it has a different look & feel and takes you to a different page. But, you enter the system the same way, same login, same people (for the most part), etc.


The developers are aware of the issue.

Yup, totally removed parent access to their own children even if they are den leaders or assistant scoutmasters. Why??!

Scoutbook was very nice, built by third party, then BSA got their hands on it and nothing works like it should any more. Always so disappointed in the BSA technology.

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The reason they have to point it out is that unlike the reports interface, the new stuff doesn’t use the permissions from Scoutbook. It only uses the permissions granted via my.scouting.org I am a “troop admin” within Scoutbook, but can no longer view ANYTHING in the new log interface, except via the App. You have to be granted either “advancement chair”, key 3 or key 3+3 within my.scouting.org’s security interface to be able to manage the new interface.

As a parent and leader, who has tracked nights camped and miles hiked for my son (and myself mind you) in Scoutbook dating back to 2016, how can I download this data? Scoutbook had been our camping and hiking log and now it appears to be gone. I would like to get this data so that I can start over with a new personal log system since it seems Scoutbook is no longer a viable platform for us.

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@DavidBuckingham - as a parent and leader I have no issues accessing all of my son’s log data going back to 2014. What happens when you try to access it ?