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I saw few posts on creating a new activity type other than camping, hikes or service hours. Is this going to be available soon? otherwise how can we track the fundraiser activities or other activities by the scouts in the scoutbook?


The BSA does not publish timelines for development. Based on what I know of development schedules, I would not expect to see updates to activity logs in the near future.

You can use the existing logs and prefix the title with Fundraising: Cycling: etc. Other than this I have no suggestions for tracking other activity types in Scoutbook.

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Thanks for the quick response. Based on the suggestion, we could use the existing activity log types; but only problem is, it will be tracked under service/hiking/camping categories, right?
Or do you think we could create under calendar as event? I am new to the system; trying to figure out things.

thanks again!

Yes, they would be tracked under existing types.

You can do this, and track attendance in the calendar event, however that will not translate directly into some sort of log entry or a requirement completion mark.

One thing I have done for Scouts BSA rank requirements that specify “participation in N unit events (other than troop meetings)” is encourage scouts to add them to the comments section for the respective requirement. Then, when they hit the specified number, talk to one of the designated scouts/scouters for a sign-off. That’s an easy spot to track things whether or not they fall under one of the current log types.

thanks. I will try and check what works for our troop. Thanks again for the prompt reply

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