Incomplete Merit Badge Report without completed requirements?

Is there a way to configure the Incomplete Merit Badge Report to not show the completed requirements but still show the incomplete requirements? Showing all of the completed requirements with the **'s makes it hard to focus on the incomplete reqs. I found the Merit Badge In-Progress Report and it only shows the incomplete requirements, which is perfect, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter by patrol. Any suggestions to only show the incomplete merit badge requirements by patrol? Thank you

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They didn’t used to show, and I’ve found no way to turn those off, seems like a glitch or a poor improvement to me.

Thanks for the confirmation, Benjamin. I didn’t think they did, but then I was second guessing myself.

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Did all the merit badge counselors go down? Mine and dozens of others are now suddenly no longer listed as active and they all expired on 22Feb24.

@JamesLyons I setup a sync for this position

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