Is there a report that lists the actual requirements remaining?

I’d really like to find a report that would list out the requirement description and not just the required number. I have found one that lists the required number but then I have to look it up separately. One that lists the description of what is open would be great. Does it exist?

Assuming you found the “Report Builder Manager” report in Scoutbook.

There’s an option in the sea of checkboxes for…

  • Show Requirement Descriptions
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Thanks, I missed that box (mostly because it is way at the bottom of the list). Do you happen to know to get the report to only report on started but unfinished MBs? When I use the selection below I get a report with ALL the merit badge requirements. I would like to trim the non-started MBs from the report if possible (which I can do in Excel).

I have selected:

  • Merit Badge Requirements
  • All Merit Badges
  • Show Percent Complete
  • Show Requirement Descriptions
  • Show Empty Requirements
  • Show merit badge and include only Scouts who have not completed selected badges

I think there’s a tickbox for incomplete requirements, but I don’t recall if it only works for rank requirements.

ETA: Aha! Scoutbook Reports (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Sea Scout program reports ?

If you go into the Scoutbook interface, and click on “Troop Reports,” there are two dedicated reports that may be better options than using the report builder.

  • Incomplete Merit Badge Report
  • In-Progress Merit Badge Report

I’m not familiar enough with the report builder to know if you can recreate these reports with that.

Oh wait, I now see Charley already noted this above and linked to their documentation.

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