International Phone Number Format Wrong

When setting the country to Switzerland and entering a phone number with country code, the adult member’s phone number is displayed with the wrong formatting, The formatting issue is visible when you go into the troop roster and click on the leader. You will see their details in the upper left of the screen with their address and email address.

So, for a Swiss phone number

[+][country code][area code][phone number]

[+][41] [79] [1234567]

Instead, what we see is:

(417) 912-3456 x7

as if the area code was 417 and there was an extension x7

At least all the numbers are there.

It’s also possible to have a French or German mobile number for our scouters even though they’re a member of our Swiss based BSA troop.

It will be difficult to validate - perhaps don’t try to format the number especially since the input isn’t validated anyway. The “+” is being stripped out of the phone number once we click “save” without any warning. It is very nice to be able to enter complete phone numbers for our scouters.

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May 2015: International Phone Numbers
All phone number URIs need to be in international format (+CC-################) where CC is the country code (e.g. for North American numbers +1-###-###-####). Scoutbook needs to allow entry of international numbers (PSTN and DSN).

Previous bug report: Foreign Cell Phones bugs/34239/foreign-cell-phones/

2016-02-05: Support for international telephone numbers needed.

The maximum telephone number including the country code (CC), 1-3 digits, is 15 digits per E.164 : The international public telecommunication numbering plan , approved 2010-11 (and currently in force). There is more than one telephone number structure in E.164, but all have a maximum of length of 15 digits.

If the country code is stored separately by BSA, the maximum non-CC part of a telephone number is 14 digits. The current BSA membership application forms only allow 10 digits (3-digit area-code and 7-digit subscriber-number) for US phone numbers.

2018-04-05: International Phone Numbers
The my.Scouting Tools and Scoutbook telephone data fields are not the same. my.Scouting Tools asks for a country so it can set the international country code. Scoutbook does not. (Note: there are several non-US area codes under the +1 North American dialing plan.)

Please add country dialing code field for all telephone numbers in Scoutbook. (This has already been done for my.Scouting Tools accounts.)