Recharter 2022 questions

I have started our recharter and printed off the draft copy and noticed two issues:
All members adult and youth have a phone number starting with 1-xxx-xxx- xxxx except for one youth member who’s phone number looks like this: —xxx-xxx-xxxx. His member is is: 134783751
Also the registration fees are not correct for our council.
I can not finalize our charter at this time as I am waiting for a few leaders to update their YPT and a parent to confirm if their child will be renewing his membership.
Thank you and stay safe.

Council questions like fees are for the council

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I suspect you just need to set the country code in front of the phone number to USA within their Internet Advancement profile.

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Some previous telephone number format discussion


Thank you. Somehow the code for US was turned off. I activated it and he is good.

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