Internet Advancement 2.0 Roster Report

The new roster report is a mess. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how it is sorted.

My roster lists adults in this order based on last name M, S, W, C, B, C again, F, H, I, K, L, M again, R, S again, and W again.

Youth are sorted based on rank earned instead of my preferred grade level. I also have one group of lions, a group of no rank, then a second group of lions.

I also have a scout that still appears on the roster but has disappeared from ScoutBook as they crossed over to the troop.

Sorting in the Roster Report has been adjusted.

Bill, thanks for sorting the Adults. For the Cub Scout Youth, I am curious. Why doe mine Roster list 2 Scouts who earned their Lion Badge, followed by 1 Scout who has not earned anything, followed by 1 more Scout who earned their Lion Badge, then the rest of the rank badges in order? Also, why does the Executive Officer for my Pack not match the Executive Officer (IH) listed in Organization Manager (My.Scouting). The past IH is listed. The IH for the Troop, on the other hand, has the current IH listed.

Please submit a ticket detailing the issue and include a copy of your report to Include your council name, unit type and number, exactly what the issue is and names of affected members. Development will look into it.