Assigned to Unit by not listed in roster

On my dashboard in scoutbook I am assigned to a unit, however when I go into that unit I am not listed on the roster. I have done some searching on the forums and sometimes it is an issue with multiple scouting ID’s. I’m wondering if that is my case from years ago when I was a youth and an assistant scout master for a different defunct unit.

You are probably connected to a scout in the unit

I do see you as a Lion Adult Partner in a Cub Scout pack. However, this is not an adult leader position, so you will not appear on the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook in the adult leader section.

That makes some sense, as my son is in the unit. He should be listed as a tiger, but that is a separate issue. I’ve completed the adult leader application, all paperwork, etc. One of the current admins in the unit says that I’m not showing up as an adult leader yet, and he suspects it is because we are waiting for the application to finish being processed from the BSA database. What is the typical timeline for that?

Your son is registered as a Lion. I suspect his youth application got processed after the BSA’s grade rollup in June. Your pack’s leaders can work with the local council to get his registration corrected.

When you applied to become an adult leader, did you fill out a paper application or an online one? The time it takes can vary from council to council. If it’s been more than 45-60 days since you applied, then it’s probably time for one of the pack’s leaders to check on the status of your application.

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