Internet Advancement: Does not have an option for Recharter after "Upgrade"

I went to IA this morning to work on my recharter. Guess what, received two error messages and the link for Internet Recharter was missing from left side panel. I am a Key 3.

This was a feature, now missing. Not sure what to do.

BSA Announcement said everything was operating OK after weekend update. This may be premature.

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Yep. Key-3 delegate and lead for my unit’s recharter. Same thing. No access to recharter.

Try Shift + Refresh please

I did refresh.
I did shift-refresh.
I did it in an incognito browser.

No luck but I did get a new error message
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 08-52-18 Roster Internet Advancement

Can you see the error in Developer tools?

When I used the shift refresh I could no longer see my unit roster and also received an error message.

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@WilliamsburgScouter it would be under Network

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At first looked like ad blockers I had Ad Block Plus and AdBlocker Ultimate

So, disabled both.

Still System Error

[HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error 25279ms]

So I throw it over to incognito Chrome. I can log into now (yea!) but still throwing “Error System Error”

One last try: Edge

Normal = recharter reappears.
InPrivate = recharter also reappears


So, to review:

Incognito Firefox with ad blockers: Error/no recharter
Incognito Firefox without ad blockers: Error/no recharter
Private Browsing Chrome without ad blockers: Error/no recharter
Edge = Recharter appears

Ok, in the last 20 minutes or so something happened because I now have recharter back on all browsers.

There was a hardware issue on Akela. New hardware has been swapped in and the systems appear to be working better.


Thank you for quick response!!

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