Online Recharter

Our BSA Troop Charter Coordinator and I tried logging on to to complete the rechartering on line.

I am listed as a Troop Admin, but we both do not see the “Recharter” feature as imaged from the internet recharter guide below. I am hoping to seek your guidance and request help on how to trouble shoot this. Thank you.

Only Key 3 and Key3 Delegates can see recharter @KatyWong

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Adding on to Donovan’s post: Your troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) can add you as a Key 3 Delegate by logging in at my.scouting and using the Organization Manager.

Organization Manager → Position Manager → Functional Roles

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I am a Key 3 delegate. I accessed the system last week with no problem. Today I do not see the Recharter option. I have logged out and back in again. It is gone. I hope it is back tomorrow.

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I was in last night and I too notice it is no longer listed. Possible that is it out for maintenance/code update ?

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IR has been restricted to units whose dates are 12/31/2021 or greater

I am having the exact same thing and I just logged into recharter less than 12 hours ago and was working inside it for the last several days.

And I did not suddenly stop being a Key-3 in the last 12 hours

I am Key-3

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My troop therefore qualifies. I was in there as recently as 8-9 pm Eastern yesterday working on recharter. Now, nothing.

@DonovanMcNeil - thank you. We have a 12/31 expiration and a 8 December submission deadline. It is only October so not a huge thing as I usually work the process late November.

Thanks for letting me know others have this problem.

@Stephen_Hornak @WilliamsburgScouter try a SHIFT + Refresh please - or Incognito window

I tried SHIFT + Refresh and still no luck. My council has requested all rechartering be complete by the end of this month. I was also working on it last week without a problem, but the recharter button is now gone.

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I’ve tried incognito.

I’ve tried an entirely different computer.

Nothing. It is simply gone.

@WilliamsburgScouter can I setup a screenshare to see it?

No, thanks.

I am Key-3

Again, here’s proof using a completely different computer now. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

@WilliamsburgScouter - same for me and I am CC.

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@DonovanMcNeil @WilliamsburgScouter My screen is the same and I am also the CC

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OK folks, the developers are not seeing this problem so in order to get it fixed, Donovan needs someone to do a screen share with him so he can collect some data. If you are willing to help, tag @DonovanMcNeil in your reply.

@DonovanMcNeil I’m Key 3 & have lost the recharter option. I’m willling to do a screen share to help figure out where it went.

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