Internet Advancement not showing all pending items

I had a Scout reach out to me and ask why I had not approved his pending items in IA. I usually review these via https:// advancements. scouting. org/roster#pending, and the Scout had no pending items listed.

However, when I went to the activity log for the specific Scout (https:// advancements. scouting. org/youthProfile/XXXXXXX/activityLogs/2), I could see those pending items.

Is this a known issue? I am looking at Scoutbook in the “Scoutmaster” role, so I should have full visibility, I think.

@JonathanBetz - i wonder if it was entered via the scouting app? You may want to confirm that as well. I know for our scouts they enter items via scoutbook and log items via and everything shows as it should in the approval queue

@JonathanBetz In Internet Advancement, have you tried checking the filter to make sure that all Activities (Camping / Service / Hiking) are checked?

There is a filter icon to the right of Run Report. The icon looks kind of like a funnel.